Team Development Program -Basketball #バスケの練習メニュー

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Basketball Program

Fast Break - Secondary Break #Out Number #数的優位 #Advantage

From the End of Defense Series

The drill from the end of defense, whether it's rebounding or throw-ins, to the end of offense, which is finishing.Learn passing from the backcourt and attacking in numerical advantage situations.


Half Court OF #Advantage #合わせ

Drills for creating advantages and capitalizing on them in half-court offense.Learn how to create and capitalize on advantages in half-court offense.

Ball Movement Drill

Ball Movement Drill

3v3 Closeout-

Shot #シュート力の向上

Shooting Footwork

A drill to improve shooting.Learn footwork and shooting technique while focusing on footwork. Alternatively, improve shooting accuracy by practicing shots with learned footwork.

Pull Up Shooting

Lane Up Drill

30sec Shooting

Curl Cut Shooting